Emekli doktorun 14 bin lirası çalındı

14 thousand books from a retired doctor were stolen

According to information obtained, the incident took place on Ziyapaşa Boulevard, in the central district of Seyhan.

Retired doctor Salih Kocamaz, 67, reportedly started walking on Ziyapaşa Boulevard to collect his pension and go home. Meanwhile, a person behind him pushed him to the ground, took the 14,000 lire in his pocket and ran away. Citizens who came to his side following the cries of the retired doctor informed the police.

The teams that came to the scene launched an operation to catch the suspect. Kocamaz, claiming that a person who approached from behind after walking after withdrawing his pension pushed and dropped him to the ground and took the 14,000 lire in his pocket, “It was my pension. I am a retired doctor, I have already worked as a doctor in public hospitals. The man who got this money followed me and when he came here he pushed me and let me down, took my money and ran away “ mentionned.