14 yaşındaki kız çocuğu babasının kullandığı traktörün altına kaldı

14-year-old girl fell under her father’s tractor

The incident took place in Ilıpınar village in Karlıova district. According to the information received, Father F.Ö., who was driving the tractor, did not notice his 14-year-old daughter H.Ö., who was in the back. The child whose foot slipped while maneuvering the tractor suddenly found himself under the tractor.

Noticing his daughter’s cry, the father got out and pulled his daughter out from under the tractor. The father took his daughter to the district public hospital in his own vehicle. H.Ö., who was treated in hospital, was transferred to the public hospital in Bingöl. It was learned that H.Ö.’s condition, who was treated here, was still serious.

An investigation into the incident has been opened.