Miras tartışmasında ağabeyini öldüren sanığa 19 yıl 2 ay hapis

19 years and 2 months in prison for the accused who killed his brother in the estate dispute

The incident happened on August 11 last year in Melikgazi District, Ağırnas Mahallesi, Çayırharman Street. There was an argument between Rüstem Yıldız and his older brother Fedayi Yıldız because of the inheritance of their father, who was treated in hospital.

When the argument turned into a brawl, Rüstem Yıldız opened fire on his brother, Fedayi Yıldız, with a shotgun. Fedayi Yıldız died and his brother, who was taken into custody, was arrested. Legal action has been taken against Rüstem Yıldız for “deliberately killing his brother”.

The accused Rüstem Yıldız was present in the case before the 1st Higher Correctional Court of Kayseri. The complainant wife of the late Fedayi Yıldız did not attend the hearing. The accused Yıldız, whose last word has been requested, “I didn’t shoot to kill. I shot to protect my own life, the lives of my children and loved ones. I regret it. I wouldn’t want such an incident to happen. I’m so sorry. My brother destroyed my family as well as his. “ mentionned.

The court counsel sentenced Rüstem Yıldız to an aggravated life sentence before the crime of “deliberately killing his brother”. He then reduced his sentence to 19 years and 2 months by applying reductions for “inducement” and “good behavior” and decided that his detention should continue.