3.5-year-old son drowned in swimming pool, mother's cry was heartbreaking

3.5-year-old son drowned in swimming pool, mother’s cry was heartbreaking

In Antalya, 3.5-year-old Doruk, one of the two children of the couple Halil-Esra Kibrit, drowned in the swimming pool into which he fell. Lying in front of the morgue door, then in front of the hearse, Esra Matches cried, saying, “Let the hearse trample on me. I couldn’t take care of my child.”

The incident took place last night in the Kalkan district of Kaş. While the Halil-Esra Kibrit couple were cleaning their rental villas, their young child, Doruk, fell into the pool. Esra Kibrit, who was curious about Doruk and began to search, found her son motionless in the water. Doruk, who was taken out of the water by his family, was first taken to the health center and then to the hospital by car. During the check-up at the hospital, it was determined that Doruk had died. Doruk’s lifeless body was taken to the Antalya Institute of Forensic Medicine morgue for an autopsy.


Doruk Kibrit’s body was removed from the morgue today after the autopsy. Esra Kibrit, who shed tears when taking her son’s body, first stretched out in front of the door of the morgue and then in front of the hearse. Trying to calm him down through his loved ones, Match shed tears as he said, “Don’t do it, Halil, put me next to you. Let the hearse trample me. I couldn’t take care of my child.” Doruk Kibrit’s body was transported to Çiftlik district of Fethiye for burial.