Şanlıurfa'da 2 polisi silahla yaralayan 3 kişi yakalandı

3 people who injured 2 armed policemen in Şanlıurfa were arrested

Teams from the Ethics Office of the Public Security Bureau of the Provincial Police Department followed the house of Devteyşti Mahallesi Açıksu Caddesi, after learning that prostitution had taken place last night. Meanwhile, the suspects, who realized the house was under surveillance, opened fire on the police from the car they were in. Police AK and SA were injured. The suspects, who opened fire on the police, fled.

Police officers injured in the attack were taken to hospital by police reinforcement teams who came to the address after the request for help. It was reported that one of the policemen treated had been dismissed, while the treatment of the other policeman continued.

The teams, who took action on the instruction of the provincial police chief Selçuk Doğuş to catch the attackers who injured the police, carried out an operation on the house following the determination of the route. MO, SD and İ.C. have been arrested. The weapon, which was allegedly used in the attack, was seized during a search of the house. The suspects, who underwent health checks, were questioned at the police station.

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