Kastamonu'da çıkan yangında 4 ev kül oldu

4 houses burned down in the Kastamonu fire

The fire occurred around 1:30 am on Tepeyol Street in the Kırkçeşme district in the city center. The fire which broke out for some unknown reason in the 2-story wooden house quickly escalated. From this notice, many firefighters, ambulances and police teams were dispatched to the scene. Under the effect of the wind, the flames spread to adjacent houses. Firefighters from Kastamonu municipality responded to the fire that scared the neighborhood. Thanks to the intense efforts of the teams, the fire was brought under control. Although there were no injuries in the fire, 4 houses were completely turned to ash, 2 houses were damaged on a large scale.

Firefighters have started a study to investigate the cause of the blaze.

4 houses were destroyed in the Kastamonu fire, 2 houses became unusable

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