Silahlı kavgada sokakta oynayan 5 yaşındaki çocuk göğsünden vuruldu

5 year old boy playing in the street during a shootout, shot in the chest

While the seriously injured MAA was treated in hospital, police teams, who were dispatched to the area to capture the suspect who fled after the incident, blocked off the neighborhood. After learning that the suspect was hiding in a house at the end of the hours, the special operations team was directed. However, efforts are underway to catch the suspect, who escaped taking advantage of the darkness.

The incident happened at 9:00 p.m. in the Yeşilbağlar neighborhood in the central Yüreğir neighborhood. Apparently, Ahmet B. started an argument with an unidentified person for some unknown reason. As the debate intensified, Ahmet B. fired at random with a shotgun. The gun bullshit hit the chest of MAA, who was playing in the streets at the time. MAA collapsed in blood and was taken to Adana City and Research Hospital by his relatives. It was learned that the small child, who was placed in intensive care, was in danger of death. Police teams that came to the scene launched an operation in the neighborhood to catch the suspect who had escaped.


As police teams continued their search, it was reported that the suspect was hiding in a house across the street late in the morning. Thereupon, reinforcements were sent to the area with police and special operations. The teams blocked the perimeter of the street with long-barreled weapons and searched the houses. When he saw the police during the search, he made suspicious police officers who came out to the garden of the house and from there to the roof. The dominant moments of the teams were recorded at every moment. Efforts are underway to arrest Ahmet B., who allegedly committed the incident as the police blockade in the neighborhood continues.

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