Ataşehir'de kadını gasp edip öldüren şüphelilerden 7'si daha adliyeye sevk edildi

7 other suspects who usurped and killed the woman in Ataşehir were brought to the courthouse

In front of the company building in Ataşehir, SAS Holding A.Ş. The usurpers, who shot the head of board member Sibel Koçan, fled with a bag containing 3,300,000 lire. Seven more of the 13 people detained in connection with the incident were taken to the Anatolian courthouse after their proceedings at the Gayrettepe public security branch office.

It was learned that two people in the car were among those referred to the courthouse. 6 of the suspects have already been brought to the courthouse and 1 of the suspects brought to court has been arrested.

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