Tekirdağ'da otomobil denize uçtu: 5 yaralı

A car flew into the sea in Tekirdağ: 5 injured

The accident happened last night near the Uçmakdere district in Şarköy. BILE. The car, whose license plate could not be learned, got out of control and flew into the sea.

Firefighters, health and gendarmerie teams were dispatched to the region as soon as the surrounding people were notified. The driver, who was injured in the car partially submerged in water, .D. and HA, KK, E.Ç. and BA were thrown from the vehicle at the last moment, escaping drowning.

After the intervention of the medical teams, the injured were transported by ambulance to the municipal hospital of Tekirdağ İsmail Fehmi Cumalıoğlu. The condition of the wounded was declared good.

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