Otomobil 100 metrelik uçurumdan yuvarlandı: 1 ölü, 4 yaralı

A car tumbled from a 100m cliff: 1 dead, 4 injured

The accident happened around 8:30 p.m. in Tekke district of Çay district, Dam area. Under the direction of Onur Adıgüzel, the car, number 45 ZF 867, was unable to take the turn due to the driver’s loss of steering control and rolled down a cliff 100 meters. Health, gendarmerie, AFAD and firefighters teams were dispatched to the scene as soon as the surrounding people were notified. Using a rope, the teams were able to descend from the cliff and join the car after long struggles.

During the examination carried out by the teams, it was determined that the driver Onur Adıgüzel died at the scene, while Cemal Adıgüzel (24 years old), Durmuş Adıgüzel (23 years old), Mehmet Kenç (21 years old) and Fırat Aydemir (18 years old) were injured. The injured were transported to hospital where they were transported by ambulance after the teams had worked. Onur Adıgüzel’s body was taken to the morgue after teams removed it from where it was found. It was learned that the fatal injuries of Cemal Adıgüzel, Mehmet Kenç and Fırat Aydemir were in danger.

An investigation into the accident has been opened.