Tekirdağ'da bir seyyar satıcı ağzında maske olmadan hapşıran kişiyi bıçakladı!

A peddler from Tekirdağ stabbed a person who sneezed without a mask in his mouth!

Mehmet D., 60, is said to have sneezed as he passed peddler RK on Atatürk Street. Thereupon, RK told Mehmet D. that he had sneezed without a mask in his mouth. “Why aren’t you wearing a mask. There’s a virus, why did you sneeze like that?” he reacted.

The number of deaths in the traffic accident in Bursa has risen to 5!


After the argument turned into a brawl, RK fled after stabbing Mehmet D in the hip. Police and medical teams were dispatched to the scene after people nearby were informed. The injured were taken to Çerkezköy State Hospital by medical teams. The suspect, who was caught and detained by police teams, continues to the police station.