Askerden yeni gelen genç evinin önünde tüfekle öldürüldü

A young soldier was killed with a rifle outside his home

The incident happened around 9:00 p.m. on Sönmez Street in Anadolu Mahallesi in the İlkadım district. According to information obtained, 22-year-old Onur Bektaş, who has just arrived from the army, was seriously injured in front of his house by an armed attack with a hunting rifle. Onur Bektaş, who was taken to Samsun Training and Research Hospital by ambulance by 112 teams and learned that he had been shot in the heart, abdomen and arm, could not be saved and lost his life. The EU and AK, allegedly involved in the armed attack, fled the scene in vehicles. Locals said that Onur Bektaş, who was killed, had just arrived from the army and was shot three times with a shotgun while standing in front of his house. An investigation has been opened into the incident.