Hastane dönüşü kaza: 6 yaralı

Accident back to hospital: 6 injured

The accident happened at the Nevşehir junction of the Aksaray-Ankara highway at around 4:00 p.m. Dutch license plate car 3ZNV 31 under the direction of Adil Altıntaş (65), who was about to return home with his neighbor and his wife, which he took to hospital for examination, collided with plate car 16 BV 308 under the direction of Mustafa Avcıoğlu (43) at the intersection.

In the accident, Adil Altıntaş, his wife Nimet Altıntaş (59) and his neighbor Renknar İsmail Rufadova (45) and Yusuf Berat Avcıoğlu (1), Hürriyet Avcıoğlu (65) and Burcu Avcıoğlu (62) who were in the other vehicle have been hurt . The injured were taken to Aksaray Training and Research Hospital by ambulances that came to the area with notification from surrounding people. The condition of the wounded who received treatment was reported to be good.