Kontrolden çıkan otomobil çiçekçiye girdi

An out of control car entered the flower shop

One of the cars that were thrown in the crash may have come to a stop on entering the roadside flower shop.

The accident happened at the intersection of Hilmi Seçkin Boulevard in the Yeni Ömerli district of the district and İstiklal Avenue. The car with the license plate 33 N 6427 under the direction of MA (44) collided with the car with the license plate 01 AAU 717 under the direction of BE (28) coming from the opposite direction.

The car, which escaped BE’s control due to the impact, was dumped in the roadside flower shop. Significant damage was caused to the flower shop during the accident where the driver BE was injured. We learned that BE, hospitalized after the first operation, was in good condition. An investigation into the accident has been opened.

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