Buca'da husumetliler arasında silahlı kavga: 1 ölü

Armed combat between hostiles in Buca: 1 dead

The incident happened at night in Göksu Mahallesi 637/24 Street. Apparently, Orhan I. and Adem Yıldırım, who had enmity between them, allegedly met on the street. The argument that started between the two gave way to a brawl.

During the fight, Orhan I. fled the scene by shooting Adem Yıldırım in the chest with his pistol. A health and police team was dispatched to the region upon notification from surrounding citizens. Adem Yıldırım, who was first helped on the spot by medical teams, was taken to a private hospital.

Yıldırım could not be saved despite all the interventions made here. After the investigation by the prosecutor and the police team, Yıldırım’s corpse was taken to the mortuary of the Izmir Institute of Forensic Medicine for an autopsy.

On the other hand, it was claimed that Orhan I., who was a drug dealer, killed Yıldırım because he reported him to the police. Murder Bureau teams began work to catch Orhan I., who fled after the incident.

The investigation of the incident is ongoing.

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