Kazazedelere yardım için durdu, canından oldu

Arrested to help survivors, dead

Give water to citizens in the vehicle that had an accident in the traffic accident that occurred in the area of ​​Kocaeli Northern Marmara Highway Dilovası. for stoppedThe person who got out of his vehicle died after being hit by a car at high speed. In the chain accident that occurred, 4 people were injured.

The accident happened in the direction of the highway north of Marmara, in Dilovasi, in Istanbul. According to the information obtained, the BMW brand car with plate 34 CU 4301 crashed into the barriers due to the driver’s loss of control. At that time, FA, who was in the Ssangyong brand pickup truck with a 34 KS 7588 plate, who saw the accident, gave water to the citizens in the crashed vehicle. for your tool stoppedhe landed on the road. FA, who was walking towards the accident victims, lost his life being thrown on the road as a result of the collision of the Audi brand car with the number 34 RU 7295 under the forthcoming TA administration. The situation of those who saw the chain accident in which 4 people were injured 112 Emergency Help reported to their team.

The gendarme consoled the father who could not hold back his tears at the death of his son
On notice, teams of firefighters and gendarmerie were dispatched to the scene. Upon examination by medical teams who attended the scene, it was determined that FA had lost his life. The 4 people injured in the accident were transported to surrounding hospitals by medical teams. help make for stoppedFather MA, who lost his son before his eyes, could not hold back his tears. The gendarmerie teams and the surrounding citizens tried to console the painful father, who suffered a nervous breakdown.

By giving them water after the fatal AF accident. for stoppedThe victim named Özlem S. said: “This car was very fast, the red one, the Audi. Then when we hit the barrier on the left, after turning sideways, the friend in that white car died, unfortunately, to bring us water. for helpthey stopped. But I saw that the red car had hit him so hard that he didn’t want to hit us. for we are on the left so that our car does not collide with us for So it hit him. Unfortunately, he hit the boy very hard, ”he said.
While FA’s corpse was transported to hospital after examination by the gendarmerie and the prosecutor, the vehicles involved in the accident were towed to the parking lot with a tow truck. The gendarmerie teams accidentally launch an investigation.