Battle at Gaziantep! Stones and sticks flew through the air in a knife fight

Battle at Gaziantep! Stones and sticks flew through the air in a knife fight

For some unknown reason, two groups of stones, sticks, rows and knives entered a neighborhood in Gaziantep. While 4 people were slightly injured in the brawl, which was also reflected on their cell phones, even the injured who saw the police fled the scene and disappeared.

In the Şehitkamil district of Gaziantep, Dülükbaba Mahallesi Eski Dülük Caddesi, for some unknown reason, a fight broke out between two separate groups who learned to be foreign nationals. As knives and lines were drawn into the fight, which was displayed with a cell phone camera, stones and sticks flew through the air. While the terrifying moments were displayed by a citizen for a few seconds with a cell phone camera, 4 people were slightly injured in the scuffle where the inhabitants had the frightening moments. When the parties involved in the incident saw their cops who came to the scene, they fled and disappeared. Those who live in the neighborhood where their vehicles, workplaces and homes were damaged as a result of the scuffle said they were anxious about similar fighting. Calling for help from authorities, residents of the neighborhood said they and their children could also be injured and the incidents should be brought to an end as soon as possible.

“I started looking for a house to rent”

Sinan Er, one of the residents of the neighborhood, said they were afraid to even go out on the street and were considering leaving the neighborhood: “There is always a fight in the neighborhood. There is blood. because of the fights with stones, sticks, lines and knives. We were afraid to take off, we did not have peace of mind. Even though I had a house here, I started looking for a house in rent elsewhere, so that my children have nothing to do with “We hold our young people by force, but it does not happen like that. A solution must be found for this, “he said.

“We couldn’t get past the door”

Another citizen by the name of Ahmet Bozkurt said: “There is constant fighting between foreign groups in our neighborhood. They come in groups and fight in our neighborhood. We are uncomfortable at home. We cannot leave our homes in front of the door. We were already robbing our house. “We want the authorities to find a solution to this. Otherwise, our children will be in trouble. They damage vehicles, houses, shops. We have become unable to send our children to the market,” he said.