21 yaşındaki üniversite öğrencisinden acı haber

Bitter news from a 21-year-old college student

The accident happened at 2:00 p.m. yesterday at the Yukarısoku location of the TEM highway. The light commercial vehicle with license plate 06 BY 2605 under the direction of Hüseyin Sarıçam (21) in the direction of Ankara, crashed into the truck with the registration number 06 KD 330 parked by Murat Öztürk on the safety lane.

On advice, 112 emergency health, fire and police teams were dispatched to the region. During the medical team’s check, it was determined that Berke Ahmet Kocaoğlu (21) in the vehicle died. Stranded driver Hüseyin Sarıçam and Enes Şahan (21) were taken to hospital by firefighters.


University student Hüseyin Sarıçam, who was seriously injured in the crash, could not be rescued despite best efforts in the Köroğlu unit of İzzet Baysal State Hospital and died this morning . It was reported that Murat Öztürk, the driver of the lorry parked on the safety lane, was released on condition of judicial review after his testimony was recorded.