Kan donduran cinayet... Park halindeki otomobilin bagajında erkek cesedi bulundu

Bloody murder … male body found in the trunk of a parked car

It was learned that the body in the trunk, which was opened by police teams upon the arrival of bad smells, belonged to Sinan Sönmez, who was searched for 45 days as missing. As police teams focus on the possibility of a murder, the investigation continues.

The incident took place in Cuma Street in the Kestel district of Bursa. According to the information obtained, the residents of the district informed the police teams on the grounds that bad odors came from the trunk of a car parked without a license plate.

The police teams who came to the scene opened the trunk of the car on the decision of the prosecution. The teams who opened it to the trunk came across a rotten male corpse. During examinations, it was determined that the body belonged to Sinan Sönmez, 32, in İnegöl district of Bursa, who had not been informed for 45 days. It was determined that the car in which the body was found belonged to Sinan Sönmez and the plates were removed. While the body was transported to the Morgu of the Bursa Forensic Medicine Institute after the examination, the vehicle was taken to safety. Highlighting the possibility of a murder, the police teams opened an investigation to arrest the suspect (s). The exact cause of Sinan Sönmez’s death will be determined after the autopsy.