Suç makinesine İstanbul’da darbe! 147 suçtan aranıyordu

Blow to the crime machine in Istanbul! Wanted for 147 crimes

According to the information received, the management teams of the juvenile branch affiliated with the Istanbul police department have long sought AF in 146 different cases, including crimes such as “sexual harassment”, “threat”, ” insult “and” credit card fraud “in connection with cybercrime. He launched an operation to catch him. The teams, examining footage from security cameras in many workplaces and on the streets, tracked down the suspect, who had an arrest warrant for 147 different crimes and was sentenced to 7 months and 15 days in prison and to a fine of 5,840 lire, in Kağıthane. .

FA was arrested on June 8 by police on the street in Kağıthane. It was reported that the investigation against A. was continuing.