Şanlıurfa'da otomobiller çarpıştı: 8 yaralı

Cars collided in Şanlıurfa: 8 injured

The accident occurred at kilometer 30 of the Siverek-Kahta road at noon. The car number 63 EY 521 under the direction of Abdulkerim Bahçivan (74) collided with the car number 06 AC 3868 driven by Mehmet Dola Do (44).

Drivers Yunus Dolaş (52), Mahide Dolaş (44), Fatma Zehra Dolaş (40), Zeynep Bahçivan (17), Melisa Bahçivan (16) and Mehmet Can Bahçivan were injured in the accident. The injured were transported to Siverek State Hospital by ambulance by health authorities who were dispatched to the scene of the accident.

The road, which was closed to traffic for some time due to the accident, was reopened after the vehicles were withdrawn.