Diyarbakır'da zincirleme kaza: 5 yaralı

Chain accident in Diyarbakır: 5 injured

The accident happened at noon at the 5th kilometer of the Diyarbakır-Şanlıurfa highway. Mehmet Selim Uğurbey stopped to replace the flat tire of the 27 JE 717 plate truck he was driving. During this time, 34 BLK 061 plate cars under the direction of Hasan Hüseyin Demir crashed into the parked truck, then 31 ABR 659 plate cars. 5 people were injured in the accident.

The injured were taken to Gazi Yaşargil Training and Research Hospital by ambulances, which were sent to the area on notice and received treatment. It was reported that 4 of the injured retained the severity of their condition.

The closed highway was reopened after the removal of the damaged vehicles.

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