Eskişehir'de zincirleme kaza; 1 ölü, 1 yaralı

Chain accident in Eskişehir; 1 dead, 1 injured

The accident happened on the Eskişehir-Alpu highway at Yassıhöyük Mahallesi. Mahmut Öztürk (61), with his car with plate 26 ACL 43, first hit the plate 26 TF 030 TIR under the direction of Arif Çakıroğlu, who was coming from the opposite direction, then hit the railings of the bridge- water channel on the side of the road.

Meanwhile, Vedat Abaylu, with his car number 03 ES 187, crashed into the truck with number 16 NJ 506 under the direction of Rıdvan Dindar, who saw the accident and stopped. As soon as those who saw the accident were notified, the medical teams who went to the scene were dispatched.

It was determined that Abaylu, the driver of the car, which crashed into the truck and was scrapped, died at the scene. The injured Mahmut Öztürk was transported to Yunus Emre State Hospital by ambulance after his first intervention. The truck and the truck driver survived the crash unharmed.

After investigation by teams of the prosecutor and the gendarmerie who went to the scene, Abaylu’s lifeless body was transported to the mortuary of the hospital of the Faculty of Medicine of Eskişehir Osmangazi University.

The accident investigation is continuing.