Kamyonet ile çarpışan otomobil kanala düştü: 3 yaralı

Collided with the van, the car fell into the canal: 3 injured

The accident happened at 5131 Yavuz Sultan Selim Mahallesi Street. According to the information received, a Volkswagen van with the registration number 68 BT 321 under the management of Halil K. (37) traveling from the management of İstiklal Mahallesi to Yavuz Sultan Selim Mahallesi, and of the Ford brand with the number of registration 68 DD 683 under the direction of Sedat D. (44) heading from the direction of Yavuz Sultan Selim Mahallesi to Istiklal Mahallesi. The car collided.

The car, which got out of control as a result of the accident, fell into the irrigation canal. As a result of the accident, Ümmiye D. (40) and 3-year-old baby Çınar Ayaz D., who were the driver and passenger of the vehicle, were injured. Surrounding citizens who saw the accident reported the situation to the 112 emergency call center. Health and police teams were dispatched to the scene upon notification.

The injured were transported by ambulance to the emergency department of the Aksaray University Training and Research Hospital. When we learned that the state of health of the injured treated here was good, an investigation was opened into the accident. The car in the canal was removed with the work of the crane and the citizens.