Yozgat'ta sel ekili tarım alanlarına zarar verdi

Crop fields damaged by flooding in Yozgat

While the Yozgat-Kayseri highway was closed to traffic for some time due to flooding, farmland was also damaged.

Heavy rains and hail caused flooding in the evening near the village of Özlüce in the town of Yenipazar. Due to the flooding, the Yozgat-Kayseri highway was closed for 45 minutes. The flood also damaged grain and sugar beet plantations. The truck, which got out of control due to a puddle of water on the road, fell into the ditch. Clean-up work has started on the road which was closed with mud due to the flooding. Ozluce village chief Mehmet Yilmaz said: “There has been a disaster in our village. Sugar beets, chickpeas and wheat are badly damaged. There are losses in an area of ​​about 2000 decares Suddenly it rained mixed with hail and turned into a disaster Our crops, our hydraulic motors, everything was submerged.

Farmer İlhami Açıkyürek said: “I had 250 decares of beetroot and 200 decares of chickpeas, they are all gone. Our roofs have been blown up. Our beets, our crops are gone, our water engines are gone, we are victims ”.