Cuban President Responds to Biden on 'Failed State' Comments

Cuban President Responds to Biden on ‘Failed State’ Comments

HAVANA – Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel said on Friday that the United States, not Cuba, was a failed state, reacting to remarks made the day before by US President Joe Biden following unprecedented protests over the ‘Isle.

Biden called the Communist-led country a “failed state” that “represses its citizens,” dashing hopes that it could soon lift the crippling sanctions that have contributed to Cuba’s worst economic crisis in decades.

Biden, a Democrat, had sworn during his presidential campaign to ease some of the sanctions against Cuba toughened by his predecessor Donald Trump, a Republican. But analysts say the protests have complicated its political leeway to do so.

“A failed state is one which, in order to please a reactionary and blackmailing minority, is capable of harming 11 million people,” Díaz-Canel wrote. on Twitter.

Cuban officials and many analysts claim that US policy towards Cuba is driven by the Cuban-American anticommunist community which has a strong influence on the swing state of Florida, and not by the interests of the Cuban people.

The Cuban government accused the United States of being behind the protests that erupted across the country on Sunday – a rare event where public dissent is limited – by funding counterrevolutionaries to foment unrest. Read more

“The United States has failed in its attempts to destroy Cuba despite billions of dollars spent to do so,” Díaz-Canel said in his Twitter feed, also lambasting Washington for its high death toll from COVID-19, the violence police, racism and “the shameful record of wars”.