Iğdır'daki pompalı saldırıda ölenlerin sayısı 4'e yükseldi

Death toll in Iğdır pump attack rose to 4

The number of people who lost their lives in the incident has risen to 4.

The incident took place at noon on May 14 in the village of Kuruağaç, about 30 kilometers from Tuzluca. While Yavuz Aydeniz (65) was making a phone call, his parent Ersin Aydeniz, who was reportedly a drug addict, was attacked with guns. Wounded, Yavuz Aydeniz fell to the ground in blood. His son Ünal Aydeniz, who heard the gunshot, ran to the scene. Ersin Aydeniz shot and injured Ünal Aydeniz this time. Guards from Taner Özayyıldız village (27) came to the area with his vehicle to take Yavuz and Ünal Aydeniz to the hospital. However, Aydeniz opened fire on Taner Özayyıldız and Gaffar Özayyıldız and Adil Aydeniz (66) next to him. Walking towards his house, Ersin Aydeniz fired another shot at Taner Özayyıldız, who saw wounded in the vehicle.

Upon notification, the gendarmerie and medical teams were dispatched to the village. The incoming teams determined that Taner Özayyıldız had lost his life. The remaining 4 injured were taken to the district state hospital. However, injured Yavuz and Adil Aydeniz could not be saved despite the best efforts of the doctors. Ünal Aydeniz, who was in serious condition and underwent surgery and treatment at the ğdır public hospital, also lost his life in the middle of the night. Gaffar Özayyıldız, who survived with leg injuries, was fired.

Ünal Aydeniz will be taken to Kuruağaç village today and will be buried next to his father Yavuz Aydeniz, who died in the same incident. Meanwhile, Ersin Aydeniz, who killed 4 people and injured 1 person, was arrested by the court where he was taken yesterday.

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