Kazada yaralanan sürücü kaybolan 15 bin dolarını aradı

Driver injured in crash claims lost $ 15,000

Claiming that the $ 15,000 he had on him was gone, Khashoggi resisted and searched for money for a long time not to get into the ambulance. Khashoggi, who could not find the money and whose blood loss increased, was convinced and taken to hospital.

The accident happened in Of district, Cumapazarı, in the morning. The truck, whose license plate could not be learned under the direction of Bülent Kaşıkçı, who works in a private construction company, lost control on the slippery road due to the downpour and ran away. flew to Solaklı stream. In the accident, Khashoggi got out of the truck on his own.

With the notification of people around, 112 health and firefighters were dispatched to the region. Bülent Kaşıkçı, who said that $ 15,000 with him was lost, did not get in the ambulance for a long time, he looked for the money. Bülent Kaşıkçı, who could not find the money, was taken to Of State Hospital by ambulance when the blood loss increased. The driver’s colleagues searched the crash site for missing dollars.

Yunus İsenler, witness to the accident, “I came with my car. I looked behind me and the truck went through the barriers and flew into the creek. We have informed the teams “ mentionned.

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