Kayseri’de uyuşturucu operasyonu: 1’i kadın 4 gözaltı

Drug operation in Kayseri: 1 woman, 4 detentions

Teams from the Provincial Police Department’s Anti-Narcotics Directorate have started working to catch those involved in drug trafficking. In this context, 4 people, including 1 woman, determined to be involved in drug trafficking, were followed by police teams.

While the suspects were driving, they were stopped by police teams. During the search of the vehicle, bonsai, methamphetamine, cannabis, 3 precision scales, a shotgun and 2 unlicensed pistols were seized.

The woman named ST and United Nations police teams, YT and Ş.AC were arrested in connection with the incident. The suspects, who underwent a health examination at the state hospital’s forensic medicine department, were taken to safety.