Şanlıurfa'da arıza yapan otomobil kazaya neden oldu: 2 ölü, 2 yaralı

Failing car in Şanlıurfa causes accident: 2 dead, 2 injured

The accident happened at the crossroads of the Yeşildirek Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Köprülü neighborhood. The bumper of the car with license plate 63 VN 843 under the leadership of Ahmet Tepekesen, who drove to the city center, fell off. Tepekesen then parked the vehicle and attempted to mount the bumper.

Meanwhile, Ö.H.Ö. under the direction of the car 34 plate UN 2575 crashed into the car at the crossroads from behind. 4 people in the vehicle were injured as a result of the collision of the parked car stuck in the barriers due to the impact. The injured, who were taken out of the car with the help of those who saw the accident, were taken to Mehmet Akif Inan Training and Research Hospital by medical teams who attended the scene.

Syrian national Muhammed El Binşi and driver Ahmet Tepekesen, who were treated in the emergency room, lost their lives despite the entire intervention. It was reported that the treatment of the other injured Ahmet Emek and Mahmut Tepekesen is continuing. An investigation has been opened into the accident in which the driver of the car Ö.H.Ö. was taken into police custody.

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