'Hayvan otlatma' kavgasında baba ve oğlunu öldürdü!

Father and son killed in ‘animal grazing’ fight!

The incident happened around 11:30 a.m. in the central Meram district, in the Evliyatekke district, which was once a village. When Hüseyin K. and Hüseyin Kayabaşı, who lived in the same neighborhood and were hostile to each other, met on the mountainous land where they were grazing sheep, an argument broke out between them.

After the dispute over the sheep grazing place turned into a brawl, Hüseyin K. opened fire on Hüseyin Kayabaşı and his son Osman Kayabaşı with a shotgun. While the father and his son fell to the ground in blood, Hüseyin K. fled the scene.

It was determined that Osman Kayabaşı lost his life under the control of health officials who came to the area on notification from people around. Hüseyin Kayabaşı died in an ambulance while being transported to hospital.

Hüseyin K. was arrested and detained by the gendarmerie teams in a short time.