Yabancı uyruklu şahıslar arasında kavga: 2 yaralı

Fight between foreign nationals: 2 wounded

According to the information received, a group of foreign nationals working in a factory operating in the Organized Industrial Zone began to argue with a foreign worker working in the same factory due to a business problem.

Aware of the situation, the factory manager Mahmut Ç. intervened to prevent the event from amplifying. After some time, foreign nationals attacked both the factory manager and the foreign worker they had discussed in Altınşehir Mahallesi. Injured in the incident, the factory manager Mahmut Ç. and a foreign worker were injured as a result of the beating.

The two injured were transported to Adıyaman Training and Research Hospital after the first intervention of the 112 emergency health teams who attended the scene. Police teams started working to catch those involved in the fight, then fled the scene.

The investigation into the case is ongoing.