Şanlıurfa'da ailelerin taşlı- sopalı ve bıçaklı kavgası: 13 yaralı

Fighting of families with stones, sticks and knives in Şanlıurfa: 13 injured

A discussion broke out between the Alkan, Satmaz and Kama families, who are relatives in Tekel district in Viranhirehir, over the issue of building houses. In the incident which quickly turned into a brawl, the parties attacked each other with knives, stones and sticks. 13 people were injured in the scuffle, which ended with the intervention of the police who came with a report.

The injured, who were transported to the public hospital in Viranşehir by ambulances, were treated. As police teams took precautions outside the neighborhood and hospital where the incident took place, they began work to catch those involved in the incident.

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