İnşaat işçisini düştüğü çukurdan itfaiye kurtardı

Firefighter rescued construction worker from pit

The incident took place on Abdi İpekçi Street in Kavakpınar district around 9:00 am. Worker Bayram Midilli dug a pit for the infrastructure works of a construction to be started. But

The rope used to descend into the pit broke. The pony fell on its back into a pit several meters deep. Even though the people around them mobilized to get Lesbos out of the pit, they did not succeed.

He called for help from the fire department. The incoming fire teams have started working to save Bayram Midilli. Bayram Midilli, placed on the stretcher that was lowered into the pit, was lifted in a controlled manner and taken to the Pendik Training and Research Hospital at Marmara University by ambulance.

It was learned that the state of health of the treated worker was good.

Can Koçak, one of those who came to the aid of the injured, said: “The workers suddenly started running towards the pit. We thought concrete had fallen on it, ”he said.