Serinlemek için suya giren 14 yaşındaki kız çocuğu boğuldu

Girl, 14, drowned after entering water to cool off

The incident happened at the Yayladağı Dam in the district. Foreign national R.Ö., who went on a picnic with his family, reportedly went into the water to cool off. Realizing that R.Ö. had not come out of the water, his family reported the situation to the gendarmerie and CANKUR teams.

During the search carried out by the divers who came to the scene, the lifeless body of R.Ö. has been found. The lifeless body of R.Ö. was removed from the water and taken to the mortuary of Yayladağı Public Hospital after the on-scene examination.

An investigation into the incident has been opened.

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