Ankara'da anneanne vahşeti: Kızı ve 2 torununu katletti!

Grandma’s brutality in Ankara: she killed her daughter and her 2 grandchildren!

In Ankara, a bloody incident occurred in Mamak Zerdalitepe Şehit Hanifi Street. Öznur Aydın had an argument with his 23-year-old daughter Meryem Aksak for an unknown reason.

Öznur Aydın took her husband’s gun during the argument and shot her daughter Meryem Aksak and her grandchildren.


According to DHA information, Öznur Aydın subsequently shot herself down with the same pistol. Those who heard the gunshot informed the police and medical teams.

Her daughter and 2 grandchildren are also deceased

It was determined that Öznur Aydın, his daughter Meryem Aksak and his grandchildren Merve Aksak (1) and Ömer İsmail Aksak (2) died during the check-up carried out by the medical teams. While the police take precautions in front of the house, the investigation continues in the building.

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