Sarıyer'de tartıştığı amcasının minibüsünü yaktı

He burned his uncle’s minibus with which he quarreled in Sarıyer.

The incident happened in Peri Sokak, Maden Mahallesi. Erol Sütçü had an argument with his uncle Şenol Sütçü for an unknown reason last night.

After the discussion, Erol Sütçü left, threatening his uncle. Returning to Peri Sokak at 8:00 a.m., Sütçü set his uncle’s minibus on fire with license plate 34 FY 6257, which was parked in front of the house, and sat down at the beginning of the street. Neighbors, who noticed the burning minibus, notified the fire department and the police. As firefighters extinguished the burning minibus, Erol Sütçü was arrested.

“There was no enmity between us”

Fatih Sütçü, whose minibus belonging to father Şenol Sütçü was burnt, said: “Our own uncle’s son burned him. He was a drug addict, he used drugs. He burned the vehicle at around 8:00 a.m. from the effect of the substance. Neighbors saw him. We tried to turn it off. Our vehicle probably got out. “There was no hostility, we were on good terms. The owner of the vehicle is also my father. needs. There was a little argument the day before, he threatened us. He couldn’t do anything to us, he burned the vehicle. The investigation of the case is continuing.