Kilis'te çocuğunun saç tıraşını beğenmedi, berberi pompalı tüfekle öldürdü

He didn’t like his kid’s haircut in Kilis, he killed the barber with a shotgun

According to information obtained, there was an argument between Ali Osman Karabalık, who runs a hairdressing salon in Odun Pazarı Caddesi, and the family of the boy he shaved because of his aversion to shaving.

In Esenyurt, the drunk driver made a mess!

As the argument broke out, the boy’s father opened fire on Ali Osman Karabalık with a YB shotgun, injuring him. Karabalık, who was taken to Kilis State Hospital, died despite all interventions. After the incident, YB was arrested by the police. The investigation of the incident is ongoing.