Geri manevra yaptığı traktörüyle dereye yuvarlanıp öldü

He fell into the creek with his tractor in reverse and died.

Hüseyin Elgün, married with 2 children, wanted to back up with his tractor while working in his 3-decare greenhouse in Yukarıkocayatak district of Serik district around 6:30 am. Elgun’s tractor, coming out of the greenhouse to maneuver. rolled into a nearby stream. Elgün, who was under the reverse tractor, could not get out of the water.

Mehmet Ün, the head of the district, who noticed the situation and informed the workers working next to him, notified the emergency call center 112. On this, the gendarmerie, firefighters and medical teams were dispatched to the region. Teams descending into the stream determined that Hüseyin Elgün was dead. Elgün’s lifeless body, which was removed from under the tractor, was sent to the Antalya Forensic Institute for autopsy after the prosecution examination.

It is reported that Hüseyin Elgün plans to finish his work in the greenhouse and visit his son, who works as a policeman in Diyarbakır, in a few days.