Takla atan otomobilden burnu bile kanamadan çıktı; 'Neredeyim' dedi

He got out of the car which overturned without even bleeding from his nose; he said ‘where am I

The accident happened on the Isparta-Antalya highway at around 11:00 a.m. Hazım Kaya, who was about to come to Antalya in a car with registration number 07 AAD 867, lost control and the vehicle got out of control.

The car, which overturned, entered the fence. After the accident, the seat belt stuck in the car, Kaya, was removed from the vehicle by firefighters upon notification of the situation. Kaya, whose nose did not even bleed in the accident, was taken to the ambulance. “Where am I” He asked.

Kaya, whose first intervention was carried out in the ambulance, was taken to hospital for precautionary purposes and for treatment. The gendarmerie opened an investigation into the accident.