Kendisini ‘Komiser Ömer’ olarak tanıtıp, 150 bin lira dolandırdı

He introduced himself as “Commissioner Ömer” and defrauded 150,000 lire.

The person who called Adil Kubilay B., who is the son of a wealthy family in the central Seyhan district, from his landline and introduced himself as Commissioner Ömer, “The members of FETÖ want to seize the money in your account and flee abroad. We are currently carrying out a covert operation. They should not notice that you have emptied your account. So transfer your money to the IBAN address that we will give you. That way we will trap them. “ mentionned.

Adil Kubilay B., who was scared, believed the other person was the police. The crooks contacted Adil Kubilay B. again via a “secret number” and, directing him by telephone, transferred 180,000 lire and 150,000 lire to Nedim Ç’s account. through online banking.

He wanted a picture of gold and coins

The scammers wanted him to transfer the remaining 30,000 lire to Bedrettin C.’s account, but Adil Kubilay B. said he could not do so because he had met the daily limit on the account. Thereupon, the fraudsters asked Adil Kubilay B. if there was any gold or currency in the house. On the words of Adil Kubilay B. “Yes, there are”, he asked them to take pictures and send them to them. Suspecting the situation, Adil Kubilay B. rejected this request.


A day after the money transfer, Adil Kubilay B. explained the situation to his relatives. Adil Kubilay B. seized the police after his relatives said he had been the victim of fraud. Adil Kubilay B. cooperated with the police to catch the fraudsters who are still in contact with him. Suspecting Adil Kubilay B.’s tone of voice, the fraudsters noticed the situation and hung up.

6 SUSPECTS caught

The police, who attacked the account holders, went to work on a farm in the Edremit district of Balıkesir a week before the incident and took the money sent to Adil Kubilay B.’s account and the ‘directed to the accounts sent by the leader of the network. He caught Kadir O. (24), Sefer D. (25) and Bedrettin C. (28) with him on their way to Ceyhan district in Adana. In accordance with the suspects’ statements, the teams also arrested Musa K. (28) and Hüseyin T. (35), considered to be members of the network.


As the money was tracked, the suspects who denied the charges were referred to the courthouse. Nedim Ç., Kadir O., Sefer D. and Bedrettin C., brought before the court, were arrested, while Musa K. and Hüseyin T. were released under judicial supervision.

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