He said why you didn't stop, he got kicked and hit! Bus driver beat passenger

He said why you didn’t stop, he got kicked and hit! Bus driver beat passenger

The moments when the bus driver beat the passenger in the Izmit district of Kocaeli were seen by citizens on their mobile phones. After the incident, an investigation was opened against the driver.

According to the information received, the passenger traveling in a bus traveling between Izmit city center and Gündoğdu district in Izmit district in Kocaeli reacted to the bus driver, who did not stop at the stop. When the bus driver said that the button had to be pressed to stop at the bus stop, the passenger, whose name could not be learned, continued to respond.

Seen second by second by citizens

The debate between the bus driver and the citizen turned into a fight in no time. The bus driver started hitting the passenger. Some citizens intervened and tried to break up the fight. The moment of the fight was seen second by second by the citizens on their cell phones.

An investigation has been opened against the driver.

Transportationpark A.Ş. In the statement made by the company, it was stated that an investigation had been opened against the driver and said: “Our public transport personnel, which affected” the lives, people and living things “of dozens. times before, works at an intense pace for a more comfortable and convenient transport of city dwellers. However, one of our colleagues unfortunately caused an unfortunate event which we will never approve of. Today at around 1:20 p.m., we sadly detected an incident involving a driver in the Gündoğdu area. An administrative investigation has been opened against the driver for this behavior, which we will never accept and which puts our fellow drivers in doubt. As part of the investigation, the driver involved in the incident was suspended from duty until the investigation was completed. The investigation opened in this context will be closed as soon as possible and will also be shared with the public. As Transportationpark AŞ, we would like to state that we will resolutely maintain our understanding that values ​​people and living things. We apologize to all residents of Kocaeli and our passengers for this unfortunate incident.