50 TL için kavga ettiği kardeşinin, arkadaşını vurdu

He shot his brother’s friend with whom he fought for 50 TL.

The incident happened around 9:30 a.m. in the central district of Yıldırım, Değirmenlikızık Mahallesi 4th Şahin Sokak. Berkay D. reportedly requested a 50 TL loan from his brother Ferdi D. When Ferdi D. did not give the money, the discussion between the two quickly turned into a fight. Ferdi D.’s friends tried to stop the fight.

During this time, Berkay D. shot his brother’s friends 5 times with the pistol he took from his waist. Kürşat Teber, hit by a bullet in the left leg, was injured. While Teber was covered in blood, Berkay D. escaped. Upon notification, health and police teams were dispatched to the address. Teber, injured, was taken to the Yüksek İhtisas training and research hospital after the first intervention of the medical teams and received treatment. As it became known that Teber was in good health, work began to catch Berkay D., who escaped.

Ferdi D., who said he complained to the police about his brother, said: “There is no hope for that, it is the thirst for his death.

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