3 yaşındaki oğlunu Dicle Nehri'ne attı

He threw his 3 year old son into the Tiger

Father HM, who reportedly had psychological problems and divorced his wife two weeks ago in the Cizre district of Şırnak, threw his 3-year-old son KM, whom he had taken on a trip, into the Tigris and took fled the scene. It was learned that the condition of the child, who was taken out of the river after people around threw themselves into the water, was taken to hospital and came back to life after the doctors’ long efforts. .

The incident took place in the town of Cizre in the evening. HM, who reportedly had psychological problems and learned that he had divorced his wife for 15 days, took his son KM for a visit. HM allegedly fled the scene by throwing his son KM into the Tiger after wandering the park for some time. Seeing the situation, the people around took the KM out of the water by jumping into the Tigris.

The medical teams, who arrived at the scene with notice, were taken to Cizre State Hospital after the first intervention. In the emergency department, it was learned that the child, who was brought back to life thanks to the long efforts of doctors, is still in danger of death.

After the incident, Father HM, who was arrested by the security forces, was taken into police custody.

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