Eşinden boşanıp ikinci evliliği yapmak istedi, kızı tarafından öldürüldü

He wanted to divorce his wife and have a second marriage, he was killed by his daughter

The incident happened in the evening in the Savrun district of the district, Derviş Paşa Street. Apparently, the father of 3, Sinan K., who divorced his wife, told his daughter Cennet K. that he wanted to get married for the second time. The father-daughter argued and left the house. Cennet K., who spoke out against the marriage as the argument unfolded outside the door, returned home and injured her father in the chest with a knife she took from the kitchen. Sinan K., who was bloodied, was taken to a private hospital by health teams who noticed him. Sinan K. could not be saved here despite the best efforts of the doctors. Cennet K., for his part, surrendered to the police with the crime tool knife.

The investigation into this matter is still ongoing.

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