Yolda yürürken bacaklarından vuruldu

He was shot in the legs while walking on the road.

As the suspect was fleeing the scene by car, Gürkan G. was taken to hospital.

The incident happened at noon on Toros Mahallesi Turgut Özal Boulevard in the central Çukurova district. An unidentified person, who came to Gürkan G. while walking on the sidewalk, opened fire with a weapon which he removed from his waist.

Gürkan G. fell to the ground in blood from the bullets which hit his legs. The suspect got in the car and fled the scene. Police and medical teams were dispatched to the region upon notification by those present.

Health officials took Gürkan G. to Seyhan State Hospital by ambulance after his first operation. The police, on the other hand, launched an action to identify the suspect and arrest him.

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