1,5 aylık eşini öldüren 75 yaşındaki koca tutuklandı

Husband, 75, arrested after killing 1.5-month-old wife

The incident happened at around 11:30 p.m. yesterday on Bahçelievler Mahallesi Yeşilöz Avenue. MD and Koçer Dönmez, both married for the second time, had a dispute for an unknown reason.

As the debate turned into a brawl, MD stabbed Koçer Dönmez in various parts of his body. He then set fire to the house, then to his car with the plate 06 AR 7352. On notification of the people around who saw the fire, teams of firefighters and police were dispatched to the scene. The teams put out the fire in the car in no time. Meanwhile, MD, who was taken to the police station to take his statement, said his wife Koçer Dönmez was staying in the burning house. Crews entering the house after the fire had been extinguished encountered the lifeless body of Koçer Dönmez. Medical teams determined that Koçer Dönmez had been stabbed to death. The woman’s body was taken to the morgue at Yüksek İhtisas Hospital. Suspect MD confessed to the murder during questioning.


MD, who used his right to remain silent within the police, was sent to the courthouse after the proceedings. Journalists MD “Why did you commit the murder?” On the question: “If you write about femicide. Write ‘mess’. If they don’t write this, I will kill,” he said. It was stated that the autopsy processes for Koçer Dönmez’s funeral were continuing.


Mehmet Dönmez, who stabbed his wife Koçer Dönmez to death in various parts of the debate in Kırıkkale and then set his house and car on fire, was arrested by the court on duty.

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