İftar vakti arazi kavgası kanlı bitti: 1 ölü, 12 yaralı

Iftar time, the land combat is over in blood: 1 dead, 12 wounded

The fight took place around 7:00 p.m. in the village of Karatoklu in the district of Patnos. The dispute between two relatives over the land dispute turned into a big brawl 6 minutes before iftar. The parties attacked each other with stones, sticks and guns. While Ömer Eskin died at the scene of the fight, Feridun, Şahin, Vedat, Ahmet, Ömer Faruk, Hayrettin, Süleyman, Yusuf, Abdullah, Yusufcan, Ömer, Mehmet Faruk Eskin were injured. It was learned that 3 of the wounded who were taken to Patnos State Hospital as the ambulance arrived in the village were in serious condition.

While the gendarmerie opened an investigation after the fight, important security measures were taken in the village to avoid a new incident between the two members of the family.