Tokat'ta otomobil, çilek yüklü minibüse çarptı: 5 yaralı

In Tokat, the car hit the minibus loaded with strawberries: 5 injured

The accident happened around 3 p.m. on the D-100 road, at the junction of the town of Gürçeşme in the Niksar district. The minibus with plate number 52 DN 673, run by Necati Yurdakul (69), who learned to transport strawberries from Erbaa district to Ordu, was struck from behind by the car with number plate 34 DV5249 , conducted by Aslan Yıldırım (49).

The drivers, Mehmet Yıldırım, Kezban Yıldırım and Salim Üretim were injured in the accident. Health, gendarmerie and firefighters were dispatched to the region on notice. The injured were transported to Niksar public hospital by ambulances and treated. The strawberries and their crates strewn on the road from the damaged minibus were cleaned up with the work of the Highways and the fire brigade.

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