7 gündür kayıp gencin, öldürülüp gömüldüğü ortaya çıktı

It turned out that the teenager missing for 7 days was killed and buried

Emre Öztürk, who lives in Kümbet Mahallesi, left his home on May 20, saying he would go to his friend’s house. For Öztürk, who never returned, his family filed a missing persons complaint.

Teams from the Public Security Directorate of the Provincial Police Department have launched a search to find the missing Emre Öztürk. In research, Öztürk’s last contact with his friends, K.İ. (24), IP (32) and BA (38) have been discontinued. During questioning, it was revealed that one of the suspects, K.İ., had beaten Emre Öztürk to death and buried him in the cemetery near the village of Bademkaya. Police teams who visited the village found the body of Emre Öztürk, who was buried in the ground with his clothes on. Öztürk’s body was taken to the morgue of the hospital of the medical faculty of Sivas Cumhuriyet University for an autopsy. While an investigation has been opened into this incident, the procedure of the three suspects in police custody continues.

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